POS, Communication, and Menu Boards for Restaurants

Geeks of Houston is proud to announce that we are working with a great company out of Oklahoma to represent their interests in Texas.  OrderMatic of Oklahoma City (now NueQ) is an  integrated restaurant solutions provider. With over 58 years of experience in the quick serve restaurant industry, they have provided superior products, service and support to their clients. We strive to bring the latest features in technology and cutting edge products like POS, menu boards, digital signage, and other restaurant accessories to our customers to keep them coming back. Look no further for all of your quick serve restaurant needs.

In the past decade we have seen more restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries adding drive-thru windows to their establishments. With this new addition customer volume greatly increases. With this new growth it is vital that there is a good POS system in place to maintain all of the additional traffic.

One of the misconceptions is that when a drive thru is opened, the in-house traffic will slow down. This is not the case. More times than not, the additional signage and traffic will actually draw more attention to the establishment. A good POS system will allow you to keep open communication between employees during high volume peaks, as well as processing transactions quickly and with ease. This will allow you to improve operational efficiency and please customers. 

With a higher increase in volume means greater security risks, a greater need for inventory control, and most importantly the need for speed and accuracy while processing your customer’s orders. An OrderMatic or NueQ POS System can effectively solve all of these issues. Refer to How To Decide on the Best Point of Sale System for additional information on what will best fit your needs. 

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