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Welcome to Geeks of Houston

Geeks of Houston was formed in late 1998 after its founder, Gary "Beau" Barber, discovered that their pc support services were becoming increasingly requested.  Starting from their home office in Houston, Geeks of Houston first contracted computer repair support out to local shops, schools, & community charity organizations.  Demand soon overcame supply!

Now Geeks of Houston has extended its computer support services to focus on residential support needs as well!  Geeks of Houston uses the Internet for 30% of our appointments, making our word of mouth customers our best advertiser at 70%.   Our outstanding customer service & experience in I.T. support makes us THE computer support company trusted in Houston.  From virus & spyware removal to networking your home or office or recovering data from a damaged hard drive, Geeks of Houston computer support  will exceed your expectations with our courteous & professional technicians.  Heck, we even have "handy geeks" that can mow your lawn, paint, install hardwood, fix your drywall; etc.  If you need help with your PC, laptop, Mac, X-box, PS3, WiFi, server, printer, or any other technology Geeks of Houston is your one stop support option!  Dial 713-46-GEEKS today & talk to a courteous & professional GEEK!  We make house calls so you don't have to disconnect your computer.  You will know your computer is repaired when our technician leaves. 

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We specialize in all your technology needs:

DATA Recovery                             Virus Removal

Networking                                  WiFi

Server Installation                        Tutorial Sessions

Discount Software                        Computer Maintenance

Computer Insurance                      Web Design

Custom PC's                                 Theatre Design

Fiber-Optics                                 Media Rooms

Security Cameras                         Refurbished Computers for Sale

Parental Controlled Browsing         Photo Restoration/Enhancement

...& much much more!  Just call or email to see what we can do for you!

Virus & Spyware Removal

Even with Antivirus protection computers can become infected with viruses & more commonly adware and SPYWARE.  This can be a result of outdated virus definitions, involuntarily clicking on adware, or sophisticated viruses that require manual removal.  It seems that in today's computing environment spyware and adware are more of a threat to home users.  Spyware and adware can be malicious, but more often they're just plain annoying!  It just will not leave you or your computer alone.  Many times spyware or adware appears to be legitimate, but it is trying to scare you into purchasing some bogus spyware or adware or virus removal tool.  It takes some painstaking time & attention to remove it fully from your pc once it has found a home.  Geeks of Houston has the tools & experience to clean your computer from virus, spyware & adware to give you a fresh start free from viruses & spyware.  We will also protect your computer or laptop from having the same problem in the future.

Custom Websites & ongoing Support

Having a Website to park your business & easily get information to clients &/or friends has become almost a necessity in today's world.  Many times it can be frustrating just getting over the hump with a new website. This is especially true if your mind is on all the other concerns of your profession or company.  That is where Geeks Of Houston can really help.  We'll work with you to get the information & look you need bundled into a web site you'll be proud of.  It doesn't stop there though...  We'll be here to provide you with ongoing support for hosting, updating, changing, or otherwise customizing your website as circumstances change.  As all circumstances are different, pricing will vary for the level of support or design required.  We'd love do discuss your options with you so give us a call, email, or submit a service request & we'll contact you! 


From designing & implementing a corporate LAN to networking home computers & printers, Geeks of Houston offers solutions to meet your needs.  Firewalls, Internet Gateways, Domain setup, Active Directory, Servers, Exchange, Shared Network resources... These are just a few of the limitless possibilities when you work with Geeks of Houston.  As always, just contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Digital Image Restoration

With over 12 years experience working with Photoshop the sky is the limit as far as custom work is involved.  Have an old damaged print that you would like repaired, enhanced, digitized & reprinted?  Geeks of Houston is your one stop resource for all your imaging needs.  Need slides scanned to high quality images?  Need a logo designed?  Need a business card designed & printed?  Need a Poster designed & printed for an event?  If you can think of it we can get it done for you.  Just contact us to discuss your needs! 

DATA Recovery

Geeks of Houston has the experience, the software, & the machinery necessary to recover data from even the most hopeless circumstances.  Hard drive data recovery can be an expensive process so why not have THE Computer Experts handle the job for you?

Computer Repair (PC, Laptop, or Mac)

Geeks of Houston offers complete computer repair solutions for our customers. From motherboard failure, power supply replacement, RAM upgrades, Data recovery backup and transfer, Custom built Computers, to Operating System install and Software install. We are your one stop shop for all technical support for your Mac, PC, and Laptop computer repair!

Some Examples of our Work

Don't forget to inquire about our custom design services!  Here are a few or our most recent business card requests.  Just Click to view a larger image: